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Linear Regression with TI 84

Many of us go out to the store and buy a graphing calculator, then when we get home, we wonder what next? The purpose of these tutorials is the answer that question!
1) Click on the STAT button of your TI 84
2) Select "Edit".
    Here you will see vertical columns with l1 (list 1), L2(list 2) etc.. These columns are where you type in your ordered paris, your x and y values. X values goes in l1 and y values go into l2.

3) Scroll RIGHT to "CALC" and press the enter buton

4) Scroll down to "LinReg(ax +b) "
5) Then press L1, "," and , "L2" ( to get 'l1' press '2nd' then the '1' key) and "," Graphing calculator screen should now show:
    LinReg(ax +b) L1 , L2 ,

6) The next step will create the graph. Press "Vars" scroll to 'Y-Vars' and select "Function". Choose Y1 (you are now storing this linear regression in the y1 graph so that you can graph the actual regression.

7)Press enter, go to 'graph' to see the graph

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